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Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Support for C article management

The sector operation and maintenance / MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) encompasses all services in matters maintenance, repair and operation of facilities, equipment or even complete production lines. Often the applied products covered are C articles.

The MRO sector benefits from Guhring’s most comprehensive range of standard tools on the market. With 90,000 products for drilling, milling, threading and reaming operations, we are guaranteed to cover the requirement for maintenance tools. Hereby, our customers benefit from a convincing price-performance-ratio, immediate availability and customer-friendly service stretching over the entire application time. Especially interesting for MRO are our SuperLine and Powertap product ranges.

Alongside the supply of standard tools, Guhring’s logistics tool management is also one of the services provided by the MRO sector. Guhring takes over the purchase of the most common C items for the customer and also provides a complete logistics tool management including hardware in form of individualised dispensing systems. Guhring’s complete service with regard to dispensing systems includes stock monitoring, ordering, purchasing, inventory control and re-stocking. Guhring ensures an optimal, tailor-made C items solution in accordance with customer requirements. It not only includes the organisation of C articles, Guhring takes over all logistics services from procurement, provision, quality assurance to spare parts delivery as well as advice.

For the customer this means a pooling of C part suppliers, the simplification of processes, increased transparency in the procurement chain and a maximum security of supply.