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Electrical Engineering

From electrification to the leading industry

New technologies and materials enable new products and open new markets. New production and information technologies entirely transform significant and sustainable industries. Today, the electrical industry far exceeds those involved only in electrical equipment and power supply systems.

Individual professional sectors of the electrical industry are for example plant engineering, automation, batteries, electrical energy technology, cables, capacitors, transformers and the energy revolution. Sectors gaining unstoppable importance are information technology, Smart Living, IT security and not least the connection with the automotive industry: Electric vehicles.

Furthermore the electrical industry can be seen as the leading industry for digitalisation and therefore industry 4.0 and is one of the Germany’s largest export industries.

The digitalisation of the entire economy of issues also includes research intensive sub-areas such as clamping, switches, sensors or actuators, with which the electrical industry contributes to the further development of the Germany location.

Components such as these require absolute reliability of the processes, a reduction in interfaces, construction elements, electrical contacts and wiring as well as a high process reliability, defining the direct demands on the applied tools.

Guhring satisfies these requirements in a special way with its unique manufacturing depth and power of innovation.

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